Lst Touch Channel attributing Leads to Referring Domains always. Any fix?




Dear Experts,

We are an eCommerce sector handling multiple domains including payment gateways.Below is the background to raise this question.

Currently our sector is hosted in the domain(Example is given since we do not want to disclose) When we submit a from, it will redirect to domain  and then to again where Lead Completed codes are placed. Flow is as follows: (Form Page - Lead Started) >> (Intermediate Page - Payment Gateway) >> (Form Page - Lead Completed).

Due to the above behavior, Lead Completed event is attributed only to Referring Domains i.e.  in Marketing Channel Report.

Lets say we came from Natural Search landing to Form Page, on completion, we will be redirected to payment gateway and then to Thank you page. Though our Last Touch Channel is Natural Search, because of the intermediate domain redirection the leads are attributed only to Referring Domains i.e.

Do we have any solution to fix this at Site Catalyst Interface or at implementation level? Or adding to Internal Domain will help here to attribute the lead correctly?

Wondering how other eCommerce sectors handle this!

Thank You


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Internal URL filters would help here by adding the domain as internal.

Another solution would be to use Override Last-Touch Channel set to false in the Referring domains channel so it does not override a channel if it is already set: Marketing Channel Manager - Definitions

Override Last-Touch Channel

Lets you choose whether to override an existing, persistent last-touch channel with the selected channel. If you select this checkbox, any channel (including Direct and Internal) would override an existing last-touch channel. The result is conversion being attributed to a channel that might not deserve credit. For example, this option can ensure that the Direct channel does not receive credit for conversion if the user had previously been acquired via the Natural Search channel.