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I'm looking internal search implementation using launch. I have set up to track the kws where searched by the users. For Example: Set up with Evar 2 and I'm able to capture and track successful under workspace.


Following with up, I should view the number of results returned when a search was done by the users and to view search results clicked by the user and to track the CTR derived by the same users.


Is it done through setting up an success event?



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Answering to your last comment.

There are two ways this can be achieved.

1. Numeric event: Set up a custom event and pass the number of search results along with the keywords in the evar. This will give you The aggregate of the total results for specific keywords. For example: user A searched key word XYZ and there were total 3 results. Another user B searches for the same key word and receives 4 results. The report will show:

evar2   event2

XYZ     7


2. Evar: Set up an evar (say evar3) to track the number of results. This will allow you to do a break down of keywords by the number of results. Going by the above example, the report will show:

evar2   Occurences

XYZ                      2

   ever3                 2

   3                        1
   4                        1


Or you can use the combination of the above two, giving you more insights on the search results. Hope that Helps.





You may use evar instances to report on the number of time the search done with the keyword. Additionally, you can fire an event for search results and another event when the search result was clicked.