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We got the analytics data on our dynamic tables which have all have a fixed URL ending with .... aspx but after this aspx the URL continue with a reportID with number (4 positions) and language fr or en. And theses data is important to know the hits of a particular table. In the actual statistics we got the hits (a great number as all are added) of the URL ending with aspx. but not the hits all the different 700 tables with a different ID in the URL (which we need).

What can be done to take in consideration the complete URL of all the pages ?

Thanks in advance.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




You can push the full URL to a prop (it has a 100 char limit) or an eVar (it has a 255 char limit) for a full URL value.  Note the character limits I mentioned, as your URL values may get truncated.

But for tracking query string parameters, it is usually better to track those values in separate props or eVars.  It makes it easier to filter or break things down this way. You also decrease your chances of reaching unique value limits in your reports.  You also better ensure you get the full URL parameter values vs. them potentially truncating from full URL values.

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