Locking row order

oodaddy2 08-05-2019

I have a report that has several time dimensions, among them are today and yesterday. The report is run automatically at midnight to catch the days totals. A summary number widget catches the visits for today, a summary change widget looks at the change from yesterday to today.

When I run the report manually I see this ordering


With the automated report I get this ordering


This causes the widgets to show yesterdays visits, and the difference from today to yesterday.

How can I lock the row position to ensure this doesn't happen?

Mark Solution

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it is not possible to "lock" a certain order. either sort by the metric "visit" or the dimension "time".

if you want to keep a certain order for the line items, there is a little trick: give your items a name that allows for the right "asc" or "desc" order, eg. start the names by a), b), c) or I, II, III, ...

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