Loading Campaign data into Analytics for workspace reporting

andrewd10864294 17-07-2018

We mainly use Adobe campaign for contacting our customers - Adobe Campaign is limited in the reporting of the campaigns from an overall prespective. We want to send the campaign data into Analytics in order to get the fuller reporting detail from Workspace.

Is there many steps to export campaign data into analytics?

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

andrewd10864294 08-08-2018

Hi Hyderziaee,

We want to send more information on the campaigns, success rate, click through rate, accepted offers from the linked webform for the overall campaign that has been running for the past nine months - in AC the information is limited per delivery, you would need to view or extract hundreds of daily reports to get the overall picture of how well the campaign is doing (from what I can see).

If we are missing something that is available from AC reporting please let me know.



What data are you trying to send to Analytics? You could potentially create your own workflows to send additional details.

Also when you say "limited", what reports are you interested in seeing in Analytics?