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rkverma1_99 08-08-2017

Hi - I am looking for a way to use a variable to collect the search terms on our Internal Search.  To be specific, I need to collect the ALL of the search terms WITHIN a visit.  So if User A used our internal search page 3 times in a visit (search term A1, A2, A3) and User B used the search twice in a visit (search terms B1, B2), I want to be able to see all the search terms for User A (separated by comma or semicolon) and then User B (separated by comma or semicolon).  I have tried using a list variable but it's putting each term on a separate line item in AA Reports - I can't tell which search term are used in the same visit.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

kater83492823 08-08-2017

Hi rkverma1_99,

We collect each search term individually as both an eVar and an sProp, then use the sProp with pathing enabled to determine consecutive searches by customers. If you collect them all in one, I would imagine this would be pretty tricky to break up and would make analysis complicated. Particularly when looking at things like Searches with low/zero results or which results customers click on.



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Answers (3)


This is some great insight, Kate. Once a prop is collecting search terms, you can then pull the Full Paths report for that prop, which should give the exact report needed in this thread. Just be sure the full paths report is for the search term prop, and not pageName.


Pathing on the prop or an evar is your best option to understand previous and next kw searches but could be difficult to work with if you have a lot of data to analyse.

(Hi Kate!)

Hi rkverma1_99

Looking at your problem specifics you can "stack" using the plugin s.crossVisitParticipationIt is recommended you engage with a qualified partner or adobe consulting before playing it

You can set the expiry to the day (i dont think it can be configured to session/visit). you can then pass the value of the KW evar into another evar .

rkverma1_99 09-08-2017

Hi Kate - thanks for the thoughtful reply - it's helpful.  We have a specific pilot project that requires looking at 1) the # of times a visitor uses our search page within a visit (using eVar counter variable) and 2) all the search terms used EACH time they use the search page within the visit.

As an Adobe Analytics newbie on the implementation side, can I collect and report on a string of search terms by each visit using your eVar and sProp method?   Just trying to configure the eVar and sProp settings to collect search terms.

I know the reporting would be complicated, but we can use the API or Data Warehouse to extract and do the analysis through other tools like R.