List of Next or Previous Pages in Workspace



Hi there, in Workspace I'd like to show a set of pages and all of the pages that came immediately after, like so, something like this:


PageNext PagePage Views
Page A 10
 Page B5
Page C 20
 Page D5


The question here is: where did users go immediately after viewing a given page. No, I'm not looking for the Flow visualization that can only look at one page at a time in clunky visualization where page names are truncated to the extent that you can't read them. I want the data itself, for a set of pages. I don't want to include a separate flow chart for every page in a group of pages. 

Is this possible?


A related question would also be: is it possible to create a sequential segment where instead of all pages after the given sequence, you only get the very next page. 



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