linkTrackVars & linkTrackEvents - can they be used separately?



Hi all, I am setting linkTrackVars variable in Tealium, but I would like to have events set automatically, so I don't touch linkTrackEvents. Unfortunately, it seems that once you set linkTrackVars, you have to set linkTrackEvents as well, or no events are fired. Is that correct? Is there a way how to set linkTrackVars without setting linkTrackEvents (so it stays "automatic")? Thanks, Pavel

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The linkTrackVars and linkTrackEvents variables are separate and independent of each other. However, if you want to use linkTrackEvents, you must include "events" in linkTrackVars. If you do not, linkTrackEvents does not work.


If you set linkTrackVars, always make sure it includes "events" somewhere in the comma-delimited string. If you do this, then linkTrackEvents always works.