LinkTracking Code?




I'm trying to track the outbound links right now,

and a script contains the following code.'';



can someone tell me what the code is good for ?

Do I have to use the code if I want to track links?

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Accepted Solutions (1)





I try to give you some hints but you need to look in reportsuite settings for some more information. explanation line by line:

1) declare "events" if not set

2) declare "linktrackvars" if not set as recommended by Adobe

(remark: 1+2 are just a setup for next steps)

3) add custom events 19 + 20 to call (see RS setting what it is

4) set counter for event 20 to a value fetched from dataElement. see the corresponding dataElement what data it is

see here: s.linkTrackVars

according to the code I assume that you receive the following information

a) event19 just count how many clicks you have

b) event20 gives each click a value and counts it up (for each visitor)

having those two events allows further calculation, eg. "event20 / event19" is the average value of a click.