Limit for queries in API rest analytics

angelo90356952 16-05-2018

I want to know if your api rest of reports has limits on the requests that i can make for extracting data that i occupy in my custom reports, for example google analytics has limits in the queries. they are allow 10000 request per day in views and 50000 request per day in proyect, adobe analytics has query limits?. you have a paid version ?. It also has limits?

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That means your organization is pinging our API servers far too often. There might be someone else in your organization sending a bunch of requests to the API, or a modification was made that increased the amount of requests to Adobe.

Either way, the only way to get that error message to go away is to quite literally 'reduce the request rate', as it says in the API response.

ravindrak270532 17-04-2019


     I am using ADOBE API 1.4 and started facing issue since 14th april 2019. I am getting following error message.

{"error":{"code":"50301","domain":"Request.OverLimit","message":"Please reduce request rate"}}

Looking for immediate solution