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We have two websites (m. and www.). Both are doing tracking. Link tracking seems to "not work". On www website, when you go to the product page and then click Add to Bag, you see two entries in the Adobe Marketing Cloud Debugger. As expected. One is a page load. The other is related to the "Add to Bag". On the www. when you do the two events, there is only 1 event which then gets updated with the second event's info. There is just one "Site Catalyst Image"

This is mostly a guess (searching through minified javascript files). The www website is using legacy (H.27.5) while the mobile website is using (JS-1.5.4)

When I opened DPD.js, there is the line

// Global Image Objects

for (var window_member in window.opener) {

if ((window_member.substring(0,4) == 's_i_') && (window.opener[window_member].src)) {

This creates an entry for each global object in the original window which has s_i as part of its name.

When I open the legacy javascript file


In the new Javascript file I see

a.cb = k["s_i_" + a.replace(a.account, ",", "_")] = b;

It seems all the global image objects have the same name and therefore are treated as one object. In the legacy app measurement, it appends a number to each image so it appears as separate entries.

The good news is that it shouldn't affect my analytics. The bad news is that I can't let my Product guys use the debugger properly because they are seeing only one object at a time.

Would appreciate some insights....

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there -

I have a feeling you're using the bookmarklet debugger? If so, check out this new hotness, the Experience Cloud Debugger:

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