Leads Completed metric not matching our CRM



Hi AAC, Happy new year!

The number of "Leads Completed" in AA is quite a bit lower than the actual leads we received in our CRM. I cannot find a rhyme or reason why this happening (tried cleaning the data in the CRM, and even matched the timestamps to verify leads were not in AA. GA doesn't exactly match our CRM either, but it is still close. Anyone know the reasons why this metric might not be counting our unique leads correctly?

Thanks for all of your help in pointing us in the right direction!



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Jordan,

Per the issue summary you have shared it's evident that the event you are using to track Leads Completed in AA, is not being sent into the AA suites the same amount of times, your CRM or GA is recording it.

You should only expect the data to match is you have an ideal implementation in place which ensures the conversion event is being recorded in all 3 platforms in same amount of time whenever it occurs.

Apart from the actual implementation review, check if you are using Event Serialization for this particular event in AA. This feature allows you to control how an event instance should be recorded irrespective of the number of times it is fired in the server call.

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