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I am new to Analytics and Launch and I am having some troubles finding the information I need, this is likely the first of several questions.

I have two dev website ... devsite1:3000 and devsite2:3001.  I have two report suites: devsuite1 and devsuite2.  The Analytics Extension allows you to select more than one suite for an environment, in this case I selected both devsuite1 and devsuite2 for my development environment.   I would expect that traffic from devsite1 would be funneled to devsuit1 and devsite2 would go to devsuite2 but from what I can tell that is not the case.  So my question is, how do I get each site to send the data to the correct report suite?

I have watched the tutorial videos, I have watched several pluralsight videos, I have attempted to search both the help docs and forums and I can not find this information anywhere even though it seems it would be a common task.  Does anyone have the answer?

Thank you in advance.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Jeff,

You can select a data element in place of hardcoding it AA Extension. Here is what you need to do.

  • Create a new data element for dev report suite.
  • Data Element settings
    • Name - dev_reportSuiteID
    • Extension - core
    • Data Element Type - Custom Code
    • Store Duration - None
    • Leave everything else as is.
  • Open Editor : code should be following -

var environment = _satellite.buildInfo.environment;

var domain = window.location.hostname;

if ((environment  == "development" || environment == "staging") && host == "devsite1"){

return = "devsuite1"

} else if ((environment  == "development" || environment == "staging") && host == "devsite2"){

return = "devsuite2"

} else (

return = "devsuite" // catch all report suite


  • Go to AA extension > configure > report suite > Development report suite > click on DB icon > select your data element i.e. dev_reportSuiteID

Note: However best practice is to send all dev site data in single dev report suite and create virtual report suite to see data from different dev domain.