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Hi Everyone,

All of our customers using Paypal are being tracked under 'Referring Domains' since the customer must checkout on the Paypal page and are then being redirected to our website to show their order confirmation page. A couple questions about cleaning this up, please.

  • Should these customers be part of our internal URL filters? Will the customer still be tracked by their last touch channel before engaging with Paypal? If not, what is the best way to track these customers so the correct marketing channel gets the credit it deserves?

On that note, can someone please explain Last Touch Channel (internal). What makes these customers different from Direct Load? In many cases, I am tracking customers that typed/bookmarked our URL, so just not connecting the dots on the difference between Direct Load and Internal Last Touch. Where would a typical organization attribute these sales?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




You can change your marketing channel rules and exclude from referring domains. Unless paypal is genuinely linking traffic to your site, it can pretty safely be excluded from referring domains.

Internal is usually session refreshes. For example, I visit your site and then go to lunch for an hour. When I come back, I click a link. Clicking a link starts a new visit, but the referrer was a page internal to your site, hence the internal marketing channel.

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