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Hi Everyone!

We have a surplus of orders that are incorrectly landing in our 'Internal' last touch channel.

We believe we have narrowed it down to the tracking code not always following the first question mark after the page URL ends. To alleviate this, we have tried adjusting our Marketing Channel Processing Rules so there are two conditions.

For these channels we are asking Adobe to identify if any of the following are true (hoping it will catch any instance of the tracking code).

Query String Parameter XXX contains abc, abd

Query String Parameter &XXX contains abc, abd

Is this the right approach or is there a more thoughtful way to go about this? I'm not sure this solved our problem.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Dear Paul,

Internal Marketing Channel Bucket is based on your Internal Domains you have set.

The rules you have explained above are same and will not value add anything.

Go through the Links to set up your Marketing Channels : and Add Paid/Natural Search to Marketing Channel Report?

Thank You


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