Last touch channel detail is and Last touch channel is Referral



Hello the community,


All is in the title but I really don't understand how is it possible.


I've too much trafic in referral and when I check my Last touch channel and I make a breakdown by Last touch channel detail I find a lot of


For SEO (Natural Search) I find only Google


Is someone able to explain me why ?


It's the same thing with orders even if  Override Last-Touch Channel is set to no



Thanks a lot


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Benoit,


It's quite hard to answer a MKT Channell question because there are many things that might be causing the issue. What I would do if I was you is checking the marketing channel processing rule and the bucketing position of the two channels. Also, I would check if I'm using an eVar in these two channels (referral or SEO) and the expire after condition of the eVar. I already saw in some cases that users were using an eVar in MKT channels with the expiration of 30 days and it was messing with the processing rule of the marketing channel. If you're using eVar on MKT Channel processing rule remember that MKT Channel works on hit level. 


If you can't find an answer, I would recommend contacting the Adobe team.



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