Last touch and first touch in attribution model affects the way my processing rules attributes back to the referrer channels




For instance in the case above, External campaign tracking code no.2 should be attributed back to the channel :" display ad & banner" in accordance to my processing rule. However, although there is no numbers for last touch, due to the visitor from first touch column, the external campaign tracking code was categorized into the channel:" Internal/Session Refresh".

Was wondering if there is a proper explanation as of why first touch and last touch would affect the channel which the external campaign tracking code is categorize into? (Against the processing rule) I have specifically instruct for the external campaign tracking code to be categorized into display ad and banner , but the results above is really surprising.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Dear  Ambert,

If you are seeing Marketing Channel, you cannot sub-relate it with Tracking Code. Marketing Channel works on different attribution and expiration whereas Tracking Code works on different attribution and expiration.

To understand the tracking codes under Marketing Channel, you should sub relate with Marketing Channel Details.

Thank You!


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