Large workspace won't load - unknown error 502



I have a large workspace project (lots of panels) which as of today I am unable to access. It gets hung up on the 'loading' stage.

Looking in the JS console I see:

An Unknown error kept the project from loading Error: Request failed with status code 502

Have tried different browsers and different computers with the same result. Able to get into other workspace projects without issue.

I suspect I've added too much to this workspace - but is there any way I can get in and delete some of my panels please?  Have so much work in there and can't afford to lose it all.

Thank you very much

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Accepted Solutions (1)




I think this might be one of those issues where customer care will be able to help you more than the community. If you create a ticket and share your login company, username, and project name, they'll be able to help you get everything squared away.

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Answers (1)



Thank you - It appeared to be a more widespread issue that day. Scheduled maintenance that evening seemed to resolve it. Thanks for the advice!