Large Levels of Detail for Exporting to Tableau



Hello All!


I need to build a report that looks at breakdown dimensions: granularity by day --> then by Country --> Marketing Channel --> by a specific prop this is so I can build my Tableau dashboard to relate levels of detail from the highest to the most detailed for interactive capabilities. 


The metrics are visits, page views, bounces, time on site and a specific event....


I have a few issues:

1. In Workspace, the row items are automatically restrained and almost impossible to manually show all in the breakdown. When I do this in the workspace report builder I'm still limited by the number of items I can breakdown (only goes up to 5). 

2. I tried this in Data Warehouse but then I'm limited by what metrics I can use. For example, bounces and time on site are not available. 

3. When I use Report Builder in Excel, the custom prop limits my metrics to instances and page views. 


So my question is, how do you all build out large data sets that NEED levels of granularity relationships? 



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