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Hi All,

I'm currently considering leveraging the following for my mobile app:





In order to determine which languages and regions I should optimise my Mobile App for.

So my question is how are each of these values captured by the mobile SDK4.+ would anyone happen to know how/where these parameters are collected from within the Mobile device ?

Thanks in Advance


P.S. the Adobe framework has Accept-Language as a parameter if this is not populated yet I still get data what is this used for?

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Hi David,

I am not sure for language but for geo parameters geosegmentation option needs to be enabled on the report suite under Admin setting > General in Adobe Analytics. Once enabled it will be based on IP address, so if IP address is set to be obfuscated then it won't work correctly. Geography Reporting enables Visitor > GeoSegmentation reports. In mobile you can also use trackLocation that will populate location reports in Adobe Mobile Services. You can also set point of interest so that you know when a customer visit a specific place, i.e london excel complex for example, then you can send a specific in-app message based on this. Some documents that might be helpful to you: 

Geosegmentation -

General Account Settings -

Location -

Language reports are based on the HTTP header -

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