Journey segmentation using THEN command

jmag123 26-07-2017

I've been tasked by our Product and UX teams to find journeys on our site where users drop out, don't convert or experience issues.

Initially, I simply looked at Pages report using Exits and Exit rate metrics. I've also built some segments for users who login but don't transact while visiting our "key" areas of site to see which journeys they take.

What I wanted to do was build some basic journey segments listed below:

Homepage > Exit

Homepage > Key Area 1

Homepage > Key Area 1 > Exit

Homepage > Key Area 1 > Key Area 2

Already found some issues with results for the first segment. I assumed I'd use THEN command at a visit level.

When I use Page = home THEN Exit page = home, I see 6.8k visits

When I use Page = home AND Exit page = home, I see 13k visits

Any reason why these numbers would differ?

Also, has anyone had experience mapping out journeys using Adobe Analytics. Do you have any suggestions or use cases where you found poor converting journeys?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


To be even more specific, you may want to consider doing something like this:


That "Within 1 Hit" guarantees that no other tags were fired in the visit. No download/custom/exit links.

If you want to allow download/custom/exit links, you could switch to "Within 1 Page View(s)":


Some additional food for thought, that doesn't necessarily apply to this segment:

With sequential segments, you have the option to:


This may be of interest to you when performing your analysis. Enjoy!

Answers (6)

Answers (6)


Hello James,

The first segment is a sequential segment. Implying it would take the VISIT into account when first Page = home occurred and then only it was also the Exit page.

Whereas the other segment combines Page = home AND Exit page = home as the condition in the Visit.

Visit 1: A -> Home -> B -> Home -> C -> Home

Visit 2: A -> B -> Home.

So, here Visit 2 will not qualify for the first segment, however it will qualify for second segment. Hope it makes sense!

In order to see journeys and dropouts, you could try using Fallouts in Analysis Workspace - Customer Journey - Fallout . It would help.


jmag123 27-07-2017

I'm looking for specific journeys that may be longer than one page view.

Segment 1: Homepage > Exit

Segment 2: Homepage > Page A > Exit

Segment 3: Homepage > Page A > Page B > Exit

The issue is when I created segment 1 like the examples above I saw views of pages other than Home.

The goal from this is to find most popular routes, or routes that have a high exit rate.


why don't you use the "visit depth" to see visits with just one page? see here Visit Depth

in your example with the entry/exit page the segment would be something like:

page = home


visit depth = 1

jmag123 27-07-2017

Hi ericmatisoff​ - interestingly when I used these segments and used 'Pages' report I could see other pages than just the Homepage. If this is users to Homepage who immediately exit then how could they visit other pages?

jmag123 26-07-2017

So to clarify, if I wanted to see how many users/visits went from Home then exit immediately would I use this segment:


And if I wanted those who enter site on Home then exit immediately (essentially a Homepage bounce) I would use this one:


Is this correct?