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Hello Team,

As per the release notes of App Measurement the current version of JavaScript is 2.9.0 AppMeasurement for JavaScript

How can we differentiate into technical side and analytical side. ?  My question basically regarding to testing point of view. If I upgrade to newer version then what are the points need to be tested in analytics?

How can we get to know from release notes that the current and upcoming updates are related to analytics which impacts on metrics, reporting or its technical core code update only.


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Accepted Solutions (1)



This is a tricky balance as when you perform the upgrades the real question is:

How much time do we spend on QA and when do we time such releases...

For the technical... I use this rule of thumb...

Never deploy if other lines of business have large managed releases. Do it in a stable operation window(as stable as possible anyways).

and use change logs to gauge severity,  (See below)

AppMeasurement for JavaScript

From an analytical side I know my key metrics lets say you have 50 or 60 I run trended reports for the key one post code change.

To Adobes credit on updates using this methodology I have yet to break things on my side. Typically these code changes optimize javascript code so things run smoother and faster...


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