Items include those NOT in Segment when using Entries and Exits



Hi Experts,

We are on the way to calculating entry% and exit% on specific categories pages.

But when using the Entries and Exits as the metris in the column, we found some items are listed although they are not in the "Segment" defined.


The segment is set to:


The report exported: as you can see, the red hilighted items, the URLs are not in the segment.

the table in AA looks like:


This issue exists when we try to classify to a upper level report: Category, in Adobe Analytics.

the table in AA looks like:


Would here anyone help to let me know the reason why this is happened?

And what the possible solution would be?

The expected result is: only document ID in URL in the segment would be included and listed.

Thanks in advance.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




This is because entries is a visit-based metric, while your segment is only filtering out hits.

Those hits that you're seeing in reporting are the entry pages of the hits you're including. For example, the segment includes the hit with a page value of ht000001, but for that specific hit, it wasn't the first page of the visit. The first page of the visit could have been ht000003. Since entry page is preserved for all hits of a visit, ht000001 gets a page view, and ht000003 gets an entry.

If you're using entries and exits in reporting, I would recommend using visit-based segments, as they will be properly filtered out.

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Answers (1)



Gigazelle, thank you for the reply, and I understood your well clarification.

I think we have to manually build the entry% report by using 2 different reports in Analytics.

Let's say there are specific pages we are concentrating:

100 pages (HT00001 to HT00099) under HT category,

50 under VDO (VDO00001 to VDO00049) category,

50 under DS (DS00001 to DS00049) category.

We want to calculate: total page views of each category for those pages, and how many "entries" are from those pages from Search Engine, then summarize into category level.

I was thinking to set 3 segments

HT contains only HT00001 to HT00099,

DS contains DS00001 to DS00049,

VDO contains VDO00001 to VDO00049

Build the table:

Rows: 3 segments

Columns: Metrics: Entries, Page Views, Entry% (Calculated Metrics).

then the table will list only those documents ID in segment, so that I can directly schedule to business users.

But after read your clarification, I think I have to get the "entries" on each document ID, then get the page views of them. and manually combine the report and calculated metrics.

Please correct me if there is a better way.

PS: I posted another question about Hit Depth=1 and Entry is different, Why "entry page" cannot match "hit depth = 1" , so I am not able to use the Hit Depth = 1 as the segment as well. Otherwise, I am able to replace the metric: Entries by using segment: "Document Contains HT000001.....HT00099" AND "Hit Depth = 1".