Issues with pulling more than 1 metrics and elements from Adobe API



We need help understanding behaviour of the Adobe Api. We ran the yaml report below to pull multiple metrics and elements and Adobe API failed to return the expected results.


Yaml report


report: xxx - page views

company: Cmpany

suite: xx(Live Site)


  - Page Views

  - Page Views per Visit

  - Facebook

  - Twitter

  - Youtube

  - Instagram

  - Pinterest


  - Page


  dateFrom: 2017-04-01

  dateTo: 2017-04-03

  dateGranularity: hour

Response from omniture is below, It appears that adobe sees the request but fails to return the expected report. When I request a report with a single element and single metric, report works fine.


    "reportDescription": {

        "reportSuiteID": "xxprod",

        "dateFrom": "2017-04-01",

        "dateTo": "2017-04-03",

        "dateGranularity": "hour",

        "Metrics": [{

            "id": "pageviews",

            "name": "Page Views",

            "type": "number"

        }, {

            "id": "cm4219_58d90ed745b49c1685d79723",

            "name": "Page Views per Visit",

            "type": "decimal",

            "decimals": 2

        }, {

            "id": "event1",

            "name": "Facebook",

            "type": "number"

        }, {

            "id": "event2",

            "name": "Twitter",

            "type": "number"

        }, {

            "id": "event3",

            "name": "Youtube",

            "type": "number"

        }, {

            "id": "event5",

            "name": "Instagram",

            "type": "number"

        }, {

            "id": "event4",

            "name": "Pinterest",

            "type": "number"


        "elements": [{

            "id": "page",

            "name": "",

            "correlation": false,

            "subrelation": false,

            "top": 50000





I tried to run the same report directly on the API tool and I get the following message

Do I need special privileges to run reports like this or do I need to make changes to the request that I am pushing through?


How can i do about pulling reports with multiple metrics and elements via the api?

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