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Hi team,

We have used Enable EU compliance for Adobe Analytics for Eucookie law. But if the user disables the cookie analytics is not working as expected. The issue iscookies are installed in the browser related to DTM/Analytics. Is there a way to clear all the cookies installed in the browser if the sat_track is false? Please let me know. I have attached the screenshot which shows the cookies installed in the browser when the sat_track is false.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Vidya,

I don't understand your question. what i understood is that you have enabled the EU compliance from DTM and you have a user who have disabled the cookies but he can see a cookie now you want to delete that? if that is correct how come he was were able to create a cookie when it was disabled in the first place.

Anyways you can delete the cookies either using following:

_satellite.readCookie("cookieName"); // reads the cookie

_satellite.removeCookie("cookieName"); // will remove cookie sat_track or any cookie given the right name .

alternatively using Jquery to delete all cookies from your domain

var cookies = $.cookie(); for(var cookie in cookies) { $.removeCookie(cookie); }



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