Issues with copying s_vi value into an eVar



Hi Guys,

I had copied s_vi cookie value into an eVar by just doing like this for eg: s.eVar1="D=s_vi". Value was capturing correctly with this format for eg: [CS]v1|2BD5A23B8SDA7B83D-600001104001554B[CE] 

so, on the report it would like this s.eVar1= [CS]v1|2BD5A23B8SDA7B83D-600001104001554B[CE] 

But, i do see few values without [CS]v1 at the beginning eg: 241579947650856531231389954089219320735 . Not sure, if this value is from s_fid. If yes, would like to understand better why im getting s_fid value into an eVar1 as im just copying dynamic value(D=s_vi) value into and evar.

Any help?



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