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I have admin access on my company's license of Adobe Analytics, and am attempting to create a new account for a colleague whose previous account was accidentally deleted in a recent cleanout. I am able to set up the account for them, and they are able to login to Omniture. However, when they go to the Workspace tab, the body of the page does not load (this screenshot was taken by me by "Logging in as user"):

They are able to go to "Create New Project", and all the correct report suites, dimensions, segments etc. are populated, and they are able to use the components in the workspace, but, when trying to save a project, it says: "ERROR Unable to save your project at this time. You may want to refresh your page and try again." If you refresh, all the work is lost. At any rate, saving doesn't work after refreshing either. 

I've since tried creating dummy new accounts using null emails, and they have the same issue, so it doesn't seem to be associated with her specifically; rather, it seems that I can't create new accounts in general. The odd thing is, I believe her account was working properly when I first created it for her about two weeks ago. it was only this past week that the issue occurred, and has not resolved since.

Any assistance is appreciated, thanks.

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Hi Charles,

Welcome to the Analytics Community!

What User Group have you added the mentioned user in? For Workspace, make sure you added the user in 'Analysis Workspace Access' user group. I made a test user account and added it in the 'Analysis workspace Access' and 'All report Access' user group and had no problem in working and saving projects in workspace. 

Let me know if your issue still persists.


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Thank you, that solved it! Previously, I had only had to add colleagues to proprietary user groups for Ad Hoc, so i didn't know I had to also add them to this Workspace user group. Thanks again!