Issue with Exporting Data via Data Warehouse




Hi there,

There appears to be an issue when we try to export data through the data warehouse on Adobe.

Previously, in data warehouse, we were able to run a query/segment specific to parameters that we had chosen, and we could then export all the data from that.

Currently, there now appears to be an issue as we cannot pull a full export from data warehouse.

Can you please advise how we can export via data warehouse?

A full export to a csv. file would be the ideal outcome of the export.

Thanks in advance!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi emmetc2018

I didn't have any issues lately with pulling data as csv from data warehouse.

to better understand, what exactly do you try and what does not work?

usually my download has the following steps:

1) create segments I need. while creating those segments, have a look at the top right where it should show an compatibility with data warehouse!

2) go to data warehouse, select desired RS, time range, segments, metrics and dimensions and run

3) compare data from warehouse with a short workspace project to see if it matches