Is there any way to see clicks on pages in depth



Good Day everyone,

I would like to ask a question about:

How to create a report about the clicks on pages and their depth?

There is one link named: "Contact Support" on every pages on our website.

And we would like to see: on which page user clicked the button and what the pages depth are.

For example: Click on

Depth 1: 9,801 instances

Depth 2: 407 instances

Depth 3: 89 instances

Which means user usually click on "contact support" immediately after landing, and the 2nd most people click it on after 1 time visit to another page


Landing > Page A > Click (+1 on depth 2 on Page A)

Landing > Page B > Click (+1 on depth 2 on Page B)

Landing > Page B > Page A > Click (+1 on depth 3 on Page A)

In Activity Map Link breakdown by Activity Map Page, I can see the pagename user clicked on "Contact Support", from Fallout, Next Page, etc. report, I can see the user path.

But is there any way to combine them into one report, so that I can see the "contact support" click statistics on each depth level? And able to see the page name if I click on "Depth 1 or 2 or 3"?

Thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Dear H_L,

The below will work.

I have used 'Next', you can use 'Contact Support'.

Activity Map Link : Activity Map Page : Hit Depth.


Thank You!