Is there any easy way to find out sources wise(direct, search engine, referral) visits/revenue?




In Adobe Analytics, Is there any easy way to get sources wise(direct, search engine, referral) visits/revenue in one report?. I'm sure, we can find out these metrics if we go into traffic sources report. but, i'm looking something in single report like GA(Google Analytics) provides.

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m-hmh​ : Hi, yes that is indeed possible and pretty easy. You could follow the below steps:

1.) Create a calculated metric by log in into SC and following Components-->> Calculated Metric. Apply formula Visits/Revenue

2.) Go to Omniture/SC, and run the channels report if configured else could use referrer types report

3.) Use Adhoc (Discover) for more deep down calculated metrics, clubbed reports and breakdowns.

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To elaborate a little further, the Marketing Channels report is going to be your best bet here. Getting value out of the marketing channels report takes a little bit of configuration, but it is definitely worth it in the long run.

Getting Started with Marketing Channels

Once you have marketing channels set up and data starts flowing in, then you can use the calculated metric to get the exact desired report.

Alternatively, you can also use segments in a workspace report; however this method is not mutually exclusive towards other buckets.

  1. Create a segment for each channel you want to track
  2. In a new workspace project, drag each segment as a dimension (not in the segment spot at the top or above a metric). If a segment is a dimension, analysis workspace will allow you to drag as many as you want, and each segment becomes its own line item.
  3. Repeat for every channel you wish to track.