Is there a way to report pages that have never been visited ?



Assuming we have a master list of pages (e.g. from sitemap.xml)

is there any way to report those pages which have NOT had any hits for a given period ?

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Hi @amithc90965147 ,

The pages are tracked when there are Hits (server calls) sent to Analytics servers. So, I don't think there is a way to report on those pages which didn't send any Hit. One way would be to find all the pages from the master list that doesn't have any numbers in the Analytics reporting - those can be understood to have not been tracked yet.




With a goal of trying to report on the absence of data, where even a single page view would move the page in question from the "no traffic" column to the "has traffic" column, your best bet is probably to do your analysis outside of Analytics.


With that, as long as you have a complete list of pages to compare against, you could possibly build a solution using Adobe's Excel plugin (Report Builder). This should be dynamic enough, with the ability to quickly update date ranges, metrics, and the list of known pages for your lookup (vlookup).