Is there a way to pass only an event to track in the analytics beacon instead of firing all other page variables.

Anitha_Ruth 15-07-2019


We've a registration form where we need to capture the number of form field completions in an event. In this scenario, every time user interacts with the field, the analytics beacon fires as we use Form Blur approach and it fires all page level attributes by default (i.e. page name/URL, etc..)

Is there a way to pass only an event to fire in the analytics beacon to avoid duplication of page view traffic. Basically not to fire a page view beacon, I tried with, however, it fired other page variables as well.

It would be so grateful if someone suggest a solution for this if there any method.

Thank you,


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Balaji_V 15-07-2019

Hi Anitha,

Try using the below method, give the required link tracking variable in Prop1. This will capture the given event and avoid duplication of pageviews.


s.linkTrackEvents="event1" =''event1;;

Also instead of firing beacon on each field, you can capture all details in form submit button, this will reduce the server call.




Dear Anitha,

Both s.t() and call will capture the Page Name but only s.t() will give Page View credit to the Page Name i.e. Though Page Name is available in the Server Call of, it wont increase the Page View for the Page Name.

Whatever you set inside s.linkTrackVars and s.linkTrackEvents associated with events will only be captured in call.

Thank You!



In case you want to capture the pagename for as well , you can use processing rule and set the pagename from custom variable where you have pagename values store so that Pages report show the pagename in case of as well.

Anitha_Ruth 16-07-2019

Thank you Balaji for your inputs. Actually I tried this before, however, I found that till page name/page urls are fired/tracked as well in each beacon fire. Server call is not an issue. Actually, we want to track the number of form field completions for which we tagged an event and this will track each time the user completes each field and move to next field.

Whether page name/page url will fire by default (even though we set;)?

kumararajak 15-07-2019

Hi Anitha, fire only a particlar event but in your case its firing the page variable, so can you share the URL to explore?


Kumararaja K