Is there a way to clear Report History?

Tana_Franko 25-10-2018

Can't see one, but someone on my team wants to clear Report History because we have some similarly named reports and that causes confusion. Is it possible?

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Accepted Solutions (1)


No, I have not seen a way to delete this. It's simply used as a handy reference to get back to reports you were looking at. Could you share your use case on advantages behind deleting recently viewed reports?

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Answers (3)

Tana_Franko 06-11-2018

The way things have been implemented, we have some reports that show up with the same name but using the wrong value (say, an evar instead of a prop, because the eng team named them the same). So, the report history can lead to the wrong report. Our user was trying to clear it so she could go back to the right report in the future.

Thanks for your reply.

Tana_Franko 29-10-2018

No, sorry. In Adobe Analytics, when clicking on the Reports tab -- the Report History that appears below My Favorites and Frequently Viewed