Is there a tab component in adobe analytics workspace

surajp86368405 09-09-2019

Hi Team

is there a tab component for visualization of reports in adobe analytics ?

I think that would be a better way to represent the data instead of scrolling down.

Thank you.



Answers (4)

Answers (4)

ShaneChurchmanC 10-09-2019


Currently the closest functionality in Workspace similar to what you're describing is the ability to collapse individual forms in Workspace.  You can use it by clicking the downward arrow at the top right of the form, next to X icon to delete the form.  That may be a useful place to store multiple visualizations you can hide with a simple click.  That way you do not need to scroll down.

With that stated, to your question about submitting the idea, I'm not aware as to if it has been submitted (I didn't see it when doing a quick check for it).  If you feel the idea is warranted for the product,  I can certainly invite you to submit the idea by visiting Experience Cloud Community Feedback

- Shane C

surajp86368405 09-09-2019

Thank you for your reply. yes, as you pointed out i am looking for a tabs option in the analysis workspace. i think it would be very useful rather than scrolling down a big report. Should i create an idea for this ? Are you aware if it is already created ?

ShaneChurchmanC 09-09-2019


Thank you for the question. Looking it over, there is no tab for visualization specifically (by which I assume you are asking to be able to isolate graphs/visualizations on a separate location, accessible by clicking a tab?).  Report visualizations/graphics are usually at the top of the standard Report you're accessing.  Custom visualizations can be placed lower in the page (or left at the top) if using another interface such as Analysis Workspace (or making Dashboards with reportlets).

Shane C

(Adobe Customer Care)