Is there a process to request user agents added to global blocking



Is there a process for requesting certain user agents be added to Adobe-level filtering, so that we don't need to filter them individually? For example, our properties have had almost a million hits this year from the Google Lighthouse plugin user agent. There's another plugin called "Deja Click" that sends similar traffic.

It seems like it would be better for Adobe to filtering these UAs at a global level, rather than having to add them after the fact to our bot filter rules.

We manage a fairly ridiculous number of distinct we properties with their own report suites, and the lack of an API method to manage bot filter rules makes this type of filtering at scale really onerous, and we can't be the only ones seeing traffic from these type of plugins.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




I'm afraid there is currently no standard to exclude specific user agents across all report suites. You can work with your account manager to arrange an engagement with Adobe Professional Services to add a VISTA rule, though. This would accommodate as many user-agents as you'd like across all report suites.

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