Is my understanding of hit container in segment correct?

kodaio44098824 12-11-2018


I have been making various segment and test them for my deep understanding of segmentation.

But I can't figure out why this number appear using following segment and metrics.


・container type:Hit

・internal search Terms 「contains] "Ski"



If I use  above segment,

Revenue should be 0.

Because of following reason.

・hit is an image request.

・Revenue will occur in order confirmation page all the time,

・Internal search will occur in search page or somewhere(not sure...

But actual number of revenue is more than 0 like following image.

Why does it happen? My understanding is not incorrect, or data is incorrect?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Do you use an eVar as "internal search term"? if yes, what is expiry?

If you track the "internal search term" in an eVar with eg. visit exporation, you would see all orders where the user search for the desired string before the order. the reason is that the eVar is valid until expiry, therefore the segment includes more than just a single hit/image request.

you can see the difference if you add the corresponding instance metric to the segment ("internal search term instances). this way you would only receive hits where the search term is sent to adobe (in image request).

Answers (5)

Answers (5)

kodaio44098824 13-11-2018

Thank you for really quick answer.

Yes I use an eVar and valid during visit.

I made a document for my deep understanding based on your answer.

Am I correct..?

Thank you


Thank you for really quick answer.

kodaio44098824 13-11-2018


Thank you so much for great answer.

Actually, I made a new thread before you suggestion.

I really appreciate it if you kindly answer the following thread also.

It's almost same  as the answer of 2).

Segment Comparison(Hit VS Visit VS Visitor)


hi kodaio44098824

looks great, exactly what I meant.


1) "Session timeout" is not a "hit", I would skip that ...

2) if you want, you could add a second picture (only for eVar) to compare visit vs. visitor segment container to get the full picture of segmentation. but this was not the initial question....


thats really a great visualization! I would add another hit before the internal search term to see the different result using a hit vs visit container on the evar (the hit container would start at the second hit, not including the first page - since the search is on the second hit...)