is it possible to include 2 campaign codes in a URL and still track?

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Accepted Solutions (1)


Hello Jingru,

Simple answer is 'yes'.

Lets say the URL is and right now you are capturing query string parameter value 'a' in campaign.

So, you answer would look like s.campaign = value1 and code will be like below:

If(!s.campaign){ s.campaign=s.Util.getQueryParam('a')}.

If you want to append query string parameter value 'b' in campaign, the code should look like below:

If(!s.campaign){ s.campaign=s.Util.getQueryParam('a') + s.Util.getQueryParam('b')}.

and now the value will be s.campaign = value1value2.

Now it is up to you that how you wanna capture the two variables. You can also use an delimiter to separate the values, but if one query string parameter is available, the results would be like 'value:' or ':value' (Assuming ':' as delimeter). So whenever there is no value in any of the query string parameter you can set the default value like 'Default', 'Not Available' etc., so that it will be easier during classification rule builder.

Sorry, i just wanna sum the earlier conversation. Ha ha!

Thank You!