Is it possible to create an event with a dynamic value?




We are trying to fire an event on a page with a specific value but that value will likely change every few weeks, so I was wondering if it is possible to create an event multiplier based on a value that is set in a lookup table?

The value we want to set is lifetime value and that number will change over time. We are setting this event on the confirmation page at the moment with a static value (for example 4.3), but if the life time value changes in a few weeks to 5.1, I want to be able to set this new value in the event but without needing to change it in the code. I want Adobe to look at a lookup table, see the value in there, and then multiple the basic event value of 1 by the multiplier.

Is something like this possible?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Frank,

I would think about several options:

1. Set that static value in the data later and map it to the event value. It looks to me the easiest way despite you will need to take care of the data layer.

2. If it's absolutely impossible to set that static value on the site, then consider setting up a VISTA rule with Adobe Engineering team. In this case you will need to take care of maintaining the lookup table (upload it to the dedicated server such as FTP, and keep it up to date).