Is it possible to create a new dimension/ report menu item in Adobe Analytics?

cristinapio 13-07-2018

Hi there,

I would like to create a new dimension in Adobe Analytics. To my knowledge, dimensions always correspond to the structure of the menu in "Reports". But how can I add a new dimension in the menu?

Do I need admin rights or admin admissions? If the answer is yes, could you please explain the next steps?

Thank you!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


You will need admin privileges or an admin to make changes to the configuration.

Ideally you will only see those dimensions that are enabled in the report suite config. To setup/modify these you will need to go to Admin > Report Suite, and select the correct report suite(s)

For props --> Edit Settings > Traffic > Traffic Variables

For evars --> Edit Settings > Conversion > Conversion Variables

For events --> Edit Settings > Conversion > Success Events

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

pabloc82923542 13-07-2018

If its avaialble then go to report suite

Select actual report suite

under general -> Customize menus

There all toggable menus if grey are hidden. Select them make them visible.

Save and then you will need to re login to view them.