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Is Adobe Analytics GDPR compliant?


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I recently have to move from GA to another analytics platform due to GDPR compliance. I have a couple of questions the community can help me clarify them?

1. Is Adobe analytics GDPR compliant?

2. Does it have similar or even better features than Google Analytics?

3. Is it free like GA or is there a monthly fee?


Thanks in advance!

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1. Yes, though it still requires that you take active steps to ensuring complience levels:









2. Personally, I find Adobe Analytics way easier and with more control and visualization options than Google... but transitioning can be a challenge. 


Here is a guide that can help you: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/analytics-learn/tutorials/intro-to-analytics/transitioning-f...



3. There are no free Adobe Analytics packages.. based on your traffic and needs you would need to talk to a sales rep to price out a contract.


(This also sort of leads to my feeling for GA and the old adage "you get what you pay for" - even though Google Analytics has a paid 360 service, it's basically an extension of what you get for free - a few more custom dimensions/parameters and events; and your data is no longer sampled.... Adobe is never sampled, and has so many features and options available at the base level, and more features as you go up - however, it is expensive and it aimed more at enterprise level analytics as opposed to small businesses)




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For Q2, take a look at some articles that you can find by searching for "adobe analytics google analytics".

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