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Hi everyone!

Has anyone a solution to class iPad traffic correctly as tablet traffic following the update Apple made to by default request the desktop version of a site for certain iPads?

The article below explains the issue and provides a fix for GA, but was wondering if there was anything that could be done in Adobe Analytics?


My understanding of the AA device type dimensions is that is relies on the user agent string, so there's not much that can be done here as if the iPad is reporting Macintosh in the user agent string, it'll be classed as a desktop device.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Sure, you can use the solution provided in that linked article.

  1. Include the code in the section "The Fix - Intel vs Apple".
  2. In your AA implementation, set the appropriate eVars. E.g. if you have setup eVar18 to be the "Device Type" and eVar19 to be the "User-Agent", then you can do this:


// assuming you use the code as-provided in the article
s.eVar18 = window.deviceType;
s.eVar19 = navigator.userAgent;​


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