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Hi all,

Can someone explain what is the difference between Internal Search Term Report and Internal Search Keyword Report?

I found that:

- Internal Search Term Report identifies the search tems (typed terms when visitors are on your website).

- Internal Search Keyword Report shows number of results on a search.

Metric suggested in Internal Search Term Report is Internal Searches (event1) but for an entire month I see 2 for few terms and a lot of 1. It means it shows unique search terms? What Page Views metric shows if I add it here?

Metric suggested in Internal Search Keyword Report is Instantces, which will show how many times results were shown for a specific searched term, righ? Also, what Page Views metric shows if I add it here?

Thanks for clarification.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Dear Catalin,

Internal Search Term Report and Internal Keyword Report are not Adobe's default reports. They are custom reports built during implementation using eVars(mostly)/props with(mostly)/without an event in place.

Regarding Internal Search Implementation kindly go through the previously created Technical Specifications or White List to get answer for your questions. Go through the link Internal search implementation and (a few) best practices | Adobe for best approach.

Regarding metric selection, if you have desired event for searches, please use the same else you can also use instances. I wont recommend to use Page Views since i didn't know whether keywords are sent within s.t() or call.

If you can share the link, I can validate and guide you.

Thank You!