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I'm looking for suggestions on Best practices on Internal link tracking. Many a times, we are asked to find out the click-throughs on banners, carousels placed on home page, etc. apart from file downloads, exit links, etc.

There are cases, when a user might click it and close the tab before the page loads or clicks & then goes for a cup of coffee, etc. In some cases, if we do a display advertising & have bought the deal on clicks, then they can have a bot just to increase the clicks.

Though we have defined an internal link tracking across the site which captures the component name with instances, but is there any other way that we can track or improve it?


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Answers (2)



When it comes to int vs ext link tracking its important to ensure you have 2 types enabled for your account.

ecid for external (display, sem, social)


icid for internal. (internal banners, links) one caveat internal links if there are many will also show last id used at time of event/page capture...

They will then allow you to attribute pages consumed, success events etc. even if tab is closed as its session based.

If you are concerned with bots then create a segment that removes such bot traffic from any reporting involving your campaign analysis.