Inaccurate Occurrences Data in Adobe Analytics




I have send the user id in eVar and Prop but as we can see in the below image that in eVar Occurrences is 217 and the Prop Occurrences 58 times. Please help me in this to resolve the issue.




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Accepted Solutions (1)



That is the expected behavior.

eVars persist whereas props do not. Occurrences counts the number of times a given value was set, plus the number of page views for which it persisted. Reference: Occurrences

Consider this example:

Page view A: prop and evar set

Page view B

Page view C

Page view A: prop and evar set

In this case, the prop would have two occurrences because it was set twice, and they don't persist. For the eVar, it would have 4 occurrences. It was set twice on the A page views, however during page views B and C the eVar persisted, with the value that was set during the first page view.

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