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Hi everybody,


I'm working for a retail company and I would like to import store sales from our customer whose have bought with their fidelity card but without any real actions on our website except visits. 

I'm actually following visitor whose have a loyality card on our website (with a cookie) and I could easily export sales form our stores with this same ID as a key.

I know the customer journey and I want to associate this journey with sales by using a data import but I don't know how to do this because a same ID could make more than on transaction in store.


Do you have any ideas to do this ? How sore sales could be incrementals ? 


Thanks for you help


Best regards

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Accepted Solutions (1)



you will need to handle in 2 parts.


1 make a variable like an evar for the user ID maybe also transaction ID.


then use SAINT uploads to make secondary categorizations of such users. very very powerful and allows all sorts of down stream reporting.

Hi pabloc82923542,


Thank you for your answer


I've already put the key (email in SHA 256) in an evar.


The principal issue is that il my classification, which will be send every day, I could have severals lines with the same key and also severals lines with the same key in differents files


The data inside the file will be :

Email | date | amount_excl_tax | Amount_incl_tax | store_id


So my question is, how to be sure that all my data will be aggregated per every key.


For exemple if a customer has bough in store on differents date (01/12/2019, 10/12/2019, 31/12/2019)
I want to see on Analytics for an specific key:

from 01/12 to 09/12 : 1 sale and 10 €

from 01 to 15 : 2 sales and 30€

for decembre 2019 : 3 sales and 100€


Best regards


And sorry for my english 🙂

ok you if key is the key cross over element between web and your upload file then you should be ok with SAINT.


KEY it top category hierarchy

- date


- Amount_incl_tax

- store_id


Then in your report when you pull by key:



correlated in Adobe by all dates:

date 1

date 2

date 3



I still feel you are missing transaction ID as what happens when multiple purchases occur same day.(they will all look like same total sale unless store ID is different)


Hi pabloc82923542,


I think I understand your point. For you I have to add in my SAINT import an "shop_order_id" if a customer make to order in the same shop the same day


That's it correct?


There is no point if this "shop_order_id" doesn't match with data in Analytics ?


Best regards



KEY it top category hierarchy

- date


- Amount_incl_tax

- store_id

- shop order ID


then if a User(keyID) has more than 1 order in a day. You can see the 2 different orders broken out by the ID as well as look at the daily total.

If this data is collected on web page or not as long as it is based on upload file you should be ok . The upload file based on key is what you can then layer as new data on top of the web data.


Imagine segments where you filter users like:

key ID exists, users has more than 3 shop order IDs. in a week or month.




So if your web site only captures userIDs, when you upload back end data like you plan to then all that back end data now becomes a way for you to segment users on your web site.


I am not sure you mentioned it but imagine if you also used adobes ecommerce metrics

where a purchase event is generated.(s.purchase)


You could report on key users with more than 5 purchases(then filter on shop order ids) to see each and every order.





HI pabloc82923542,


Thank you for your help.


I have a last question. How to be sure that this "stores orders" won't be add to the global metrics orders ?


Because I don't want to break all my ecommerce KPI like conversion rate.


Best regards

Hi I am not sure I understand you now. How is master store order collected today?


Also how are you calculating conversion rate?

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