Implement custom visitorID with DTM



Hi guys

I am complete Adobe Analytic rookie but happened to need to modify existing setup to include visitorID variable.  The implementation is using DTM and the custom for the system variables are already properly set. visitorID however is native to AA. According to documentation I should just set it to whatever I want s.visitorID = 'whateverIwant'; however I find it hard to find exactly where I should be making the change. Is there a comprehensible example to go with? 

I would prefer not to mess with launch.....js file and if possible to set it with the _satelite object

e.g I am thinking something like 

_satelite.track('DirectCall', visitorID: 'whateverIwant')


Second: once it is implemented it should be possible to see 'vid' in the cookie directly in the browser correct? If that is not so what is the best way to confirm that the fix is correctly applied?


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Hey there,


visitorID is now integrated in Adobe Analytics tool/extension in DTM and Launch respectively. As rightly mentioned by you, it helps you set custom unique identifier for the visitor.


You may go to DTM > Go to your property > Edit Adobe Analytics tool > Cookies > Visitor ID:



Similarly, you may set Visitor ID in Launch.

Once implemented, you will see 'vid' in the server call(Developer tool > Network tab > Filter by b/ss)


Hope this helps!