Image beacon value is not reported as same in the Reports



Hi Team,

In the order confirmation page my products string value is:   configuration;31378281_31378281;1;826.78,configuration;31378351_31378351;1;1105.46. I was expecting the same value will reflect in the products reports. But I am wrong.  So many data is missing & incorrect values are reported. PFA screenshot  for the same.


1. 31378351_31378351  -  order value(1123) is wrong. expected is 1105.46.

2. 31378281_31378281  -  this is not reported in the report. And hence other info also missing.

Please help me here.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




This will be difficult to prove without looking at the data.

You can download a days worth of data using data feed and check what was captured. It is possible that the values you think were captured is not the same as what really happened. Good way to diagnose would be through the raw data.

You can also contact customer care ( to get better understanding of the fields in the datafeeds.