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I'm working for a company that has a main global website (tier 1) and over 1000s of dealers (tier 3 websites) who are selling their products, but not all the dealers offer the same promotions and deals.  But if a dealer does, it also has an actual web page built for it. It's easy to pull numbers for that specific page, since the assigned pagename is consistent across all the tier 3 websites. However, I'd like to know about the number of visits (and other metrics) to the websites (as a whole) which offer that specific promotion and have that page. What is the best way to do it in Adobe Analytics Workspace?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



If all dealers own their individual websites under individual domains but not under the tier1's sub-domain, I think you need to configure the cross-domain tags and deploy in their individual websites/pages, sorry I don't have much experience & further idea on it.

If you are asking about the exit link on tier1 website to other dealers webpage contains promotion, you may just check the "exit link" and the metrics, e.g. pageviews, visits.


There is a webpage called T1Prom in Tier1 website

The webpages sell the product on 3 dealers website are:




On TiProm webpage, there are links link to the webpage of 3 dealers above.

Then you can just check exit link contains T1Prom

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Hi Balaji_V,

Thanks for the reply. I don't have any problem finding the promotion pages since they have the same pagename among all the dealer's websites, but I need to pull the visit numbers to 1) all and only websites that carry the promotion page 2) to the whole website and not just the promotion page. Thank you.




Try creating a segment using the unique word in the Page name or Promotion name.


Which helps you to identify the visits for deal or offer.