If a visit contains a certain page, then exclude data only from that page and not from all other pages of that visit



I am trying to make a visit-based segment within Adobe Analytics that will exclude data only from a certain set of pages, without affecting numbers for other pages visited within that same session. However, I am not certain current segment logic supports this. I am using sequential segments containing hits to try and accomplish this. Below is my current segment:

Segment Builder.png

Any ideas on what I can do to accomplish this?

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I'm not positive I fully understand what you are trying to do but If you are just trying to eliminate all the hits from a certain page but not others you should be able to create a simple segment for that. Create a segment based on the hit rather than visit and then put the page name component into the container and used a does not equal for the page you want to exclude. Apply that segment to whatever report you'd like in Analysis Workspace.

As was already mentioned, you can apply multiple segments to the same report so if there are other criteria you need to add.