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Visitors to one of our websites are asked to identify their intention to re-register (or not).They have until a certain date to make their final decision. During this period they can switch it between Yes/No as many times as they want.


How can I create a segment that identifies the final (most-recent) selection?



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Hi @AliMaleki : Again these are my thoughts but good to see what the experts say on this:

Here I'm trying to use 'sequential segment' with criteria (only after sequence) & with the logic using 'Then' after 1 Hit (could be same visit, different, etc.) but within the finalized certain date (could be days, weeks, months, etc.)


As the problem statement says - intention to re-register, so assuming they are already registered & logged-in, like the case below (here in our organization, we capture users who are logged-in/out that means they are registered), then use the segment condition & identify only visitors who qualify for 'No' criteria.



I hope this might help.




We capture the "Yes" or "No" in an eVar and set an event. The URLs remain the same.


Yes their response is finalized at a certain date.


I thought about a segment along the lines of "Equals Yes Then Doesn't Equal No" but in theory a person can chose Yes then change it to No and then Yes again!




Do you capture the responses in an evar & associate it with some event? One way is to make use of these & create segments based on the mentioned.
Just thinking out loud - but do the URL's remain same for both 'Yes or No'? Probably - you can create a sequential segment & specify within 'Hit', time range, etc.

What happens after the certain date - do their responses gets finalized?
You can probably use this condition to see users responses - 'if they fall in this category THEN do the ...'